Amanzio Tamanti, President

240 South Garrard Blvd
Richmond ,CA 94801

Amanzio Tamanti, a native of Rome, Italy, began his importing career in 1985 by forming Tosco Wines - starting with great wines of Tuscany, he then searched for products from other regions of Italy, and assembled a portfolio of wines distinguished by the price/quality ratio at all levels. He has succeeded in his goal, and his wines are true discoveries that complement food and life as well.

Amanzio was introduced to the importance of culinary and wine-making traditions at a very young age. He was raised in a family that owned several bars, a café, and three upscale restaurants/nightclubs in Rome. This environment nurtured his passion for food and wine, and inspired a career that eventually led to the creation of Tosco Wines. He attended the highly–regarded culinary and hotel school, Scouola Alberghira, in Rome. Anxious to see the world, he arrived in San Francisco in the eighties and worked as a sommelier at several restaurants, including the noted Donatello Restaurant in San Francisco.

Amanzio has consulted with many notable restaurants to create their great wine lists, due to his knowledge and exquisite palate for discovering great wines. He has been praised by many oenophiles, not only in California, but also around the world. He is known for conducting his business in a professional, honest, and ethical manner, communicating regularly with producers and clients, and reacting to the constantly changing market trends without compromising his standards, making Tosco Wines one of the most trusted and reliable Italian wine companies in California!

Tosco Wines Inc.

Tosco Wines is an owner-operated business focusing primarily on the import and distribution of fine wines produced by leading boutique vineyards from regions all around Italy.

Located in Richmond, California, Tosco Wines Inc. has succeeded in the increasingly competitive wine industry by providing viable wine brands, service and quality at a level unusual for an organization of its size. In the world of the Italian wine network industry, it has become a recognized and respected import company, and has often been the sole importer for US and the West Coast for fantastic small wineries.

The more than 60 wineries represented by Tosco Wines have been carefully selected to distinctively represent the most important wine producing regions of Italy. Each wine has been hand selected, not only because it exemplifies the best of Italy, but also has a great price-quality ratio and value.

Tosco Wines looks at many factors before choosing a winery, including integrity and reputation, location, long-term business potential, quality and consistency, management skills, consulting oenologist, choice of packaging, type of equipment, pricing, and overall wine-making philosophy.

Tosco's primary goals are:
~ To develop and promote the producer's image in the US
~ To exceed the customer's expectations by selecting a wide range of varietally correct and quality-driven products
~ To create value by setting the pricing according to each wine's quality and cost.