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Le Serole Pallagrello Bianco 2013 Castello Delle Femmine Pallagrello Nero / Casavecchia 2013 Ambruco Pallagrello Nero (Tre Bicchieri) 2011
Centomoggia Casavecchia 2014 Vignapiancastelli Pallagrello Nero / Casavecchia 2013

Terre del Principe is a very small and very important winery in Campagna. Without the passion and enthusiasm of a lawyer and a journalist, who left their jobs and studied to make wine, the grapes of Terre del Principe would eventually become extinct. After a long and laborious effort to plant their 27 acres with native varietals, the national Catalogue of Winemaking Grapes recognized what Peppe Mancini and Manuela Piancastelli knew all along, that these ancient varietals deserved entry into the national database. For more information about Terre del Principe and their passion for these wines, visit their website.